Jul 10, 2014


After we spent 3 days exploring the darling, we decided we needed a town hit, so it was a right turn and a quick 200 km drive to Broken Hill. We were hoping to shoot up into Mootwinji National Park- but after another 20mm of rain it was shut- maybe next time, i have heard plenty of great things about the rock art in here and the stunning gorges. 

I love the Hill, wide streets, always clean, heritage listed buildings, history and the people are fantastic too. Our choice of stay is the big 4 caravan park on the Adelaide side of Broken Hill. While not real cheap and sometimes noisy from passing trucks- its close to town, clean, pretty safe and the grey nomads are normally in bed by 5 pm !!.

It's easy to spend a few days out here exploring; a little shopping, visiting the local galleries, a trip out to Silverton ( the original Broken Hill ) is always on the cards to admire the old stone buildings and look through the old gaol, maybe the mad max museum, and make sure you have a beer at the pub and check out the wales inside where they have been decorated with all of the movies that have been made out here along with photos of the stars, maybe a camel ride, do a mine tour, head out to overlook the Mundi Mundi ranges, a sunset drive to the stone sculptures on the hill or even explore the coal mine in the heart of town. Here you can walk around and admire the old gear the miners once used, visit the mine memorial dedicated to those who died here and even have your picture taken on the big red chair, cheesy but fun.

Several days here should be enough for us to catch our breath, shop and relax. But tomorrow we are off to look at the Meenindee lakes south east of Broken Hill- should be a good day out.

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