Nov 13, 2012

KEMPSEY CREW..around Coffs

A few times a year I get asked to host weekends for different 4wd groups. A while a go I was asked by the Kemspey club to host a weekend for them. We ended up camping out at Moonee which is just north of coffs for the night at the caravan park. The week leading up to the event was great, nice days and cool nights, but low and behold we got a night of rain which sort of threw a spanner in the works. Its always good for the first car or two, but anything after that the road turns to shit and recoveries are needed.. All part of the day out.

A great crew turned up, some with modified trucks others with less than modified which made for an interesting balance to say the least. The big picture was that we all had a ball despite the conditions and mist, which at times gave us an eerie feeling to be out and about.

Look forward to the next one soon. 

Thanks all.

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