Nov 12, 2012

CORNER COUNTRY TRIP...heading home

Well today we leave Kallarah Station to head north towards the township of Loath. An amazing little town, not very big, but has a school, renovated pub, sports ground and every year they host an annual goat racing get up. Loath wasn't too far from our morning camp, so we decided for an early lunch at the pub as well as checking out some of the old pics inside. Surprisingly enough the old Cobb and co coaches used this route beside the river as well as paddle steamers. There is some great free camping down beside the river, but it is nice if you spend a few dollars at the pub.

After a feed we decided to head directly south towards Cobar to catch up with an old mate. The drive down here was pretty interesting to say the least. Goats on the road, bit of flood water here and there, still plenty of color - but I was surprised at the size of the jump ups on the way to Cobar.

Checking into the local caravan park was great for a change, not to pricey, real grass and great showers.

Cobar is the home to several large copper mines, and what we didn't know was that our mate had organized a tour deep into the main mine, after our induction. I now have total respect for the guys and girls that work down there. We did a loop of some 7km spiraling down to get to a depth of 1.4km. It was mind blowing, huge workshops, all the machines that you see on the road were down there, and no machines go outside, or upstairs to get fixed or repaired...... All done underground. Full rebuilds, servicing... The lot.

After a massive intro into mine life it was time to come out and back to reality. It was great to catch up but we needed to head home. Cruising eastwood for several hours we found a great free camp with a great sunset for our last night away. The last day is always a bit somber as you wander home as you are always a bit unsure wether you want to turn around, stay away or keep going. Always great to be away but always great to get back home. 

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