How wrong is it to put up gates and lock us out of our forests ? VERY FRIGGEN WRONG AND TOTALLY UN-AUSTRALIAN. Apprently there are some gates poping up in our state forests around this area. I have located 2 at station creek, while the third one is a mystery, as i spent 2 hours in the bush looking for it one night. Now the stupid, stupid thing is that the gates dont block any thing off, as you can get in behind them from other designated forest roads. What happens if there is a fire and you get trapped behind, or maybe an accident?.. bloody idiots. 

They might say that we shouldnt be on the roads behind the gate, but like i said there are five roads leading to each gate from different directions, so what is it blocking ??? . Some departmental people need their heads read, i betcha they have never even set foot in to the forests. BLOODY IDIOTS. They should rack off, stack paper and stay in their little office. If we had a system like in the USA where parts of some forests are set aside for 4wds only- this would keep every body happy. 

Over in the states the areas that are set aside are controlled as in, you pay a minimal daily fee to be able to use these offroad tracks. These tracks are from extreme to easy, and change all the time, and these tracks might be along ridges, up along old creek beds or anywhere it is possible to build a 4wd track. The monies collected go to maintaining the parks in the way- controlling erosion out of the park, educating people on tread lightly issues, and facilities like bbqs and toilets. Here we are spending money on our vehicles to enjoy the outdoors and we are faced with being told where we can and can't drive. Last year woolgoolga was hit with a severe wind squall that ripped some of our bush apart, leaving a trail of destruction. Local blokes that ride bikes and 4wders spent days clearing our tracks so that we could use them again, we never got a thank you or recieved any money for it. We did it because we all love the bush. You cannot win against the local, state or national beuracrats. They can all go and get stuffed !!!!!!!

And here they ( state forest and national parks ), wanting $5,500.00 off me every year to have the privilige to show other people around our bush. I'm sorry but i will not pay them any money for this, two reasons, unaustralian, and i for one have not seen where our money goes locally- ie, track mainteniance, oh wait a minute, maybe thats why we have gates !

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