Theres even more history decaying away in our hinterland. Up in the middle section of the Dorrigo - Glenreagh line stands the once proud Moleton Tank. This mega structure sits beside the line and still is in pretty good shape and holding water- although when we were there a stick must of been caught under the tank plug as water was running out of the jib. Estimated at holding 20 000 gallons, the tank is made from cast iron and is held up by  a solid timbers structure. Normally where the engines fill with water is where they de-ash, so it was interesting finding other objects within the area. 

Although the tank has an open top it also drew water from nearby Moleton Creek a few miles away. Guessing the tank was placed here after the steep climb from Glenreagh, normally they were placed every 50 km or so. 

Another great find close by is a what is regarded as a rare high timber trestle bridge, these were mainly used at the turn of the century. Guessing it is around 40 feet high and 300 feet long it stands proud. Not to sure how a 100 ton loco would go across it but we made the walk easy.