Well another day out the back in the hinterland exploring and discovering with a private party. Today we decided to cut a decent walking track between tunnel A and tunnel B. Very successful with a 10 footy wide track. Amazing what you find if you start looking around. Old signal pole, ceramic insulators, bits of iron and power blocks. Plenty of bats in the shorter tunnel B- but out the other end its a wall of brush- very disappointing. 

Lunch at the old State forest camp at Lowanna which saw us under the colourful Liquidambar trees. Years ago a section of rail was cleared to run a trike between two sections. Because there is very minimal lantana up here- there are sections of line that is pretty clear. This was also the hard work of volunteers - but seeing no weed up here- it has stayed clear....

There has to be a way to keep it like this. Even if the rail never runs- why not a heritage walking trail ?...Doesn’t have to happen all at once. Sections at a time- open it up, info boards along the way. Would be amazing.

Pipe dream ?...maybe
Impossible ?...never

Just imagine a rail trail. We are getting left behind not even trying to do something with this. Even restore the stations. Keep the trains at Glenreagh. Have accommodation in them or camp at the show ground ( as you can now )..