So I know this post isn't about anything 4x4ing or camping, but I still would like to share.

The main question that I want to ask, 'why is it so hard to find someone beautiful to love and cherish who wants to be in a proper relationship ? '

Not someone who will just carry you on their sleeve, but someone who would be proud of you and carry your heart on their sleeve. Am I missing something ?

I don't think I have the bar set too high, my asks are small I think. So whats the criterium ? Well, to find someone who enjoys life, loves the beach and loves the bush ( it can be done !! ), someone who enjoys eating out and doesn't mind me cooking for them, likes getting dressed up or can be comfy in a pair of jeans, I love my camping, exploring and most things outdoors,- so to fit into that be great, I have a beautiful daughter and do get along with kids, weekends away must fit in there somewhere too, wether it be camping, resorting or even the odd B and B, but after all that I love kicking back at home and just lounging around..... Am I asking too much ??

I really don't think so. 

To love someone so much that they would become your best friend, lover and soul mate would be such a wonderful thing. I look at my parents who have been married for some 49 years, and think they are just so darn lucky that when they have had up and downs they would work together, enjoy the great times and work out the bad times, not just move on. 

To share life's experiences is a fantastic thing with someone special, those smokey sunsets, little insignificant things to sitting beside them watching a movie, or even listening to them breath as they sleep, all these things mean something to me. 

I am defiantly old enough now to look after myself day in and day out, but simple things like sitting around the campfire at night when your away, or even just out in the back yard, talking about what a fantastic day was had the awesome sights that were seen. Planning for next weekend, or making that someone that perfect cuppa first thing in the morning.... The joys of love.... Sounds like my snag side coming out lol. 
Nar- honestly that's just me.... 

How long do you wait ??.......
How long is a piece of string ??
It's pretty chronic when you think that one person in a relationship can change the rest of your life if they decide to flick you away like a stick. Latest statistics say that near 60% of relationships fail !!!!! That is bloody terrible ......

I don't believe that I am a bad person, I treat people the way I want to be treated, and I would rather struggle with something than ask somebody else to help, just the way I was bought up. Am I good looking???.. Well I would say above average, so it's not that. Maybe just bad luck I suppose. I suppose the biggest thing in a relationship is to communicate with each other and not just shut down.... You need to talk to your partner. To put a partner on a pedestal is where they should be and STAY in my mind. With little surprises like flowers, waiting for you to knock off from work, secret lunch dates, and random love notes.....I miss doing that....

Am I really asking for too much ??
So I will wait, I don't do clubs and the like, I don't really drink, maybe that's the issue?.. No I don't think so. Don't get me wrong, I don't feel sorry for my self, just darn frustrated that I see these bloody TV love shows that are shallow and fake, see randoms in the street treating their girls with disrespect, to abuse... It's just not on.



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